Roofing Material

**All woods can be custom cut to size if needed**


    Tamko 20 year fiberglass shingles (rustic cedar and white in stock)
    15 lb. and 30 lb. felt
    Wet or Dry Plastic Cement
    Elastic SBS Adhesive
    Plastic/Metal tin Cap nails
    Assorted widths of valley tin

  • #2 Cedar shingles
    100 lb. Asphalt lugs
    Asphalt Roof Coating
    Roof Turbins
    Assorted length of roofing nails
    Large Poly Tarps
    10x25 clear/black 4 MILL
    16x100 clear/black 6 MILL

  • 90 lb. Roll roofing (white and rustic cedar)
    Small and Large Patch Mops
    Fibered Roof Coating
    Lead boot/flashing
    Metal Edging